2007 to 2012 LAND ROVER Defender 90


In 2007, Land Rover improved the powertrains and electronic systems of their robust off-road challenger Defender.

The Defender was the cornerstone for the Land Rover brand when it was first introduced in 1948. But what began as a simple off-road vehicle became into a prestige symbol. Ford already owned Land Rover in 2007 and attempted to save costs by updating some of the car’s components.

With two headlamps mounted to the front fascia, the automobile still resembled a box on wheels. When compared to other off-road vehicles, the Defender 90’s flat nose and small overhang allowed it to attain excellent approach angles. To make way for the bigger radiator behind it, its grille was slightly pushed outward. The bumper, on the other hand, was still metallic with some rubber ends. The doorknobs on the sides were designed to be used while wearing gloves by the driver. A side-hinged hatch supported the spare wheel on the Defender’s rear.

It was the same tight and harsh driving seat near the entrance on the inside. The automaker was able to swiftly adapt to left- or right-hand drive production thanks to the new modular dashboard. The automaker added a large storage area with a cover between the front seats, as well as two transmission levers: one for the gearbox and the other for the transfer case. There was hardly enough room in the rear for two persons.

Ford put a new 2.4-liter engine that was brought over and returned from the Ford Transit light commercial vehicle under the hood. Only a six-speed manual transmission was available. The 2007 Defender’s sole flaw was the lack of a rear differential lock mechanism. The engineers at Ford believed that an electronic, ESP-based system might accomplish the same goal.

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