3 Ways to Protect Your Defender When on Holiday

protect your defender

Your Land Rover Defender is one of the most valuable possessions you will ever own, so it’s only reasonable that you want to protect it at all times and when on holiday especially. The appeal of jetting off to sunny locations might be enticing, especially while on vacation, since international travel is progressively opening up again around the world.

But, while you’re not at home, what do you do with your car? Of course, if you’re driving to the airport, this isn’t an issue. Selecting the appropriate airport parking for the duration of your journey will ensure that your vehicle is safe until you return. However, if you’re leaving the keys at home, there are steps you can do to protect your vehicle and prevent it from being damaged or stolen.

Ask A Friend to Protect Your Defender

Do you know anyone who would be willing to let you park on their driveway or in their garage while you’re gone? This might be a terrific alternative to leaving your car at home, providing you peace of mind that it is being monitored and is not being left unattended and vulnerable.


Have you thought about paying for auto storage while you aren’t using it? Car storage works similarly to airport parking in that you can select whatever choices you want for your vehicle, and it will be parked, stored, and cared for according to the car storage options you select. You can pick your storage dates and leave for your trip with the assurance that your car will be adequately cared for.

To assure continuity of coverage, notify your insurance company that you are storing your automobile in a car storage facility. This is another great way to make sure that your beloved Defender will be safe and sound.

External Security

Do you have smart features or a security system installed in your home? If not, installing a security system that allows you to check in on your car and home while you are away would not only set your mind at ease but will also dissuade would-be vandals and criminals.

Use the app to check-in in real-time, allowing you to phone the cops if necessary or have someone come over to check on your car. Wheel clamps are another security device that prevents people from driving away. If your automobile has keyless entry, keep your car key with you to prevent thieves from cloning your keys and driving away with them. Car covers can help protect your vehicle from damage while also concealing the brand and model from curious eyes.

If your vehicle has an immobilizer, it can also help you, as can an audible security alarm. Top-of-the-line models will automatically notify you if your automobile has been taken without your permission. Still, it would be worthwhile to invest in a tracking system to locate and protect your Defender and be warned of any movement so you can aid law enforcement in rapidly locating it if it is stolen.

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