9 Step How To Change A Car Battery

changing car battery

Many people prefer to leave changing a vehicle battery to a technician, but if you want to save money while learning an important life skill, keep reading! To get started with this tutorial, make sure you have the following items on hand: a battery for your specific vehicle, the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle, a wrench or pliers, and gloves. Before you begin, check your owner’s handbook for the position of your automobile battery and follow the instructions for accessing it.

  1. Once you’ve gained access to the battery, you’ll need to distinguish between the positive and negative posts. The positive post will have an obvious plus sign with a red covering and cable for reference. The negative post is the opposite of the positive post. Remove the negative terminal from the negative battery post using the wrench, making sure no metal items come into contact with both battery posts at the same time.
  2. Remove the cable and connector from the negative battery post with the wrench.
  3. Remove the cable and connector from the positive battery post with the wrench.
  4. The battery should be freed and ready to be removed after eliminating steps 3 and 4. Remove and lay aside the components that retain the battery in place, then take the battery out with both hands by grasping it and tugging upwards.\
  5. We’ll want to start installing the new battery now that half of the operation is complete. The first step is to align the positive post and positive terminal on the new battery, and the negative post and negative terminal on the old battery.
  6. Grasp the pieces that hold the battery in place that you left away earlier and rejoin them to maintain the battery in place once you’ve appropriately positioned it.
  7. Remove anything that is preventing you from placing the washers on the battery post. Some batteries, for example, may come with covers. Before attaching the positive terminal to the positive post, lubricate the battery posts with a small coating of oil.
  8. Apply lubricant to the connection and attach the negative terminal to the negative post with a wrench.
  9. You’re almost completed! Just make sure the battery is firmly fastened and in position so it doesn’t slide around while you’re driving.

You finished the battery swap by following those nine steps. Not only is this a useful talent to have, but it also saves you money on mechanic visits and takes no more than a couple of hours after you have all of the necessary supplies. If you ever need a reminder on how to change your battery, come back to this tutorial.

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