Body Kits to Build Your Own Defender

Owning a classic Land Rover Defender gives you a feeling of romance, nostalgia, and proudness that only a few other vehicles can offer. The legendary Defender stood strong in so many wars for freedom and independence. We all know that this iconic car was built especially for off-roading but still can be just as nice for everyday use. 

It is sad to see many old Defenders abandoned or kept in mediocre condition, here at Land Rover Lover, try to do everything in our hands to give you tips on how to maintain and upgrade your precious car. With the help of our body kits, you can build your own Defender from the ground up. After our help, your Land Rover Defender will feel more than just a car but as your creation.

Design and Build Your Own Defender

Yes, we all love and respect the stock and untouched Defender but we think that it is not a bad idea to show some love and enhance the most loved features of our Defender. When you start at first to think and research for ways to upgrade your Defender, you may be overwhelmed and maybe scared a little by the prices that different professionals want. But don’t worry, in order to give your Land Rover Defender a different and beautiful look that can impress a lot of people, you can use body kits, front grille, or other aftermarket parts so you can build your own Defender however you want. 

Defender Body Kit. You can upgrade your Defender immediately and at a lower cost with our body kits. Body kits are a big deal nowadays and that’s because they help you customize mostly everything from bicycles, motorcycles, and vehicles. Especially for classic cars, there are a lot of different body kits that you can choose from in order to customize and give your car the look that you want. After the upgrade, your Defender will have a bolder look that will make you remember all the famous fighting history.

Defender Front Grille. The front grille is the most visible part of a car and that’s why you should pay a little more attention there. A nice grille and a bold front bumper will do a big difference that it may be hard for everyone to miss.

Defender Arch Kit. Our Land Rover is used traveling through hard terrains and every now and then can take some damage. If you plan to use your Defender for off-roading it is best to take some extra safety measures like placing some arch kits. They can be a lifesaver if your car may be hit with rocks or tree branches during your adventures.

Defender Headlights kits.  As we said our Defender can be easily customized like for example even the surrounding part of the headlight can be changed to a new and better one. You can by installing the headlight kit separately or including it on the front grille or body kit packets.

Land Rover Defender 110 Vs Defender 90

The history of the Land Rover Defender dates not only back to the 1980s but also from 1948 when the original Land Rover series started. Firstly the Defenders were introduced as the “Land Rover One Ten” and the “Land Rover Ninety”. The numbers on their model represented their wheelbases in inches. Since then began the history that we all know. We can say without any doubt that the defender series carried well the whole legacy of the original Land Rover series. The main difference between the Defender 90 and the Defender 110 is the larger body of the 110 series with a longer wheelbase and extra cargo storage.

Why Us?

Land Rover Lovers was founded in 2016 by a group of friends who love especially Land Rover Defender. We believe that the Defender series needs to have more attention. Our team is always ready to assist you with every question or exclusive Defender part. With our body kits, help, and ideas you will turn your Land Rover Defender into the car that you always dreamed of. We are happy to welcome you to our website every time to learn more about Defenders through our blog or to buy the best quality body kits. 

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