You now have the opportunity to acquire a James Bond Land Rover Defender.

Do you recall the icy pursuit scene from Spectre? The one situated high in the Austrian Alps, when Bond flees the Hoffler Clinic in search of Madeleine Swann, who has been kidnapped? You do, of course. How frequently, after all, do wrecked propeller planes tumble down mountain sides, destroying trees, henchmen, and timber stockpiles in the process?

You might even be able to tell us which automobiles 007 was chasing if you’re a true fan. A 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR was available, which was stylish, smart, and almost as quick as Bond’s wingless Britten-Norman plane. However, there were a few 2011 Land Rover Defenders on display, all decked out, tricked up, and screaming with malicious potential.

Sony Pictures received these Defenders from Land Rover – the old breed, not the newfangled futuristic version. For the icy chase, the Bond producers commissioned the British carmaker’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) section to fit out standard Crew-Cab 110s. The SVO team then worked on the project with Bowler Manufacturing, and they did an excellent job.

Beadlock alloy wheels were fitted with massive 37-inch Maxxis Trepador tyres. A complete roll cage and Recaro Sports Seats were included, as well as rose joins and Bilsten rally dampers tailored to racing specifications. The engines were also tweaked, with an extra 60 horsepower crammed behind the rope-trimmed hoods. Unfortunately, only ten were ever constructed, and the most of them were ruined by Bond.

Bowler Manufacturing wasn’t done with the Spectre Defenders, thankfully. Richard Hayward, the director of the Derbyshire-based company, commissioned a one-off replica of the Defender SVX “Spectre” as a homage to the film.

Bowler Manufacturing (which develops off-road racing cars based on Land Rover and Range Rover chassis) built the car you see here using a 2010 Defender 2.4 TDCi as a donor vehicle. Many of the engineers that worked on the original Spectre project contributed to this follow-up as well.

So, if you’re a 007 fan or collector, what exactly would you get for your money? This is the most accurate copy of the original Spectre design you’ll ever see, based on a correct-type 2010 Defender 110 Crew Cab.

The car has received a Stage 2 engine upgrade, which includes a better ECU, intercooler, and exhaust system, as well as Bowler’s own Fast Road Suspension package. If you’re planning to track down any MI6 agents yourself, the widened wheel arches and massive tyres will provide more than enough ground clearance in the winter.

It also has the right appearance. In the movie “Spectre,” this Defender SVX is outfitted with a Warn Zeon-10S winch, a Safety Devices external rollcage and roof rack, LED lighting, rear deck checker plating, and an original set of SVX Recaro seats, all of which are painted in a menacing black.

Unlike in the movie, the automobile is right-hand drive, making it a more practical option for British consumers. It’s also road-registered and ready to drive, unlike many of the automobiles produced for Spectre.

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